FIST-ory: The Young Man and The FGC – Part 3

The FGC is changing. I see it in the controllers. I feel it in the netcode. I smell it at the locals. Much that once was still is, for many now play who remember it. It began with the forging of the Great Tournaments. “CEO” was given to the Floridians, unwavering, unstable and grabbing everyContinue reading “FIST-ory: The Young Man and The FGC – Part 3”

Oki Poke-y: Shotos

So you’ve decided you’re going to pick up a fighting game, which is great, the more, the merrier. You’ve got the game picked out, you’ve got your $300 fight stick and you’re ready to start throwing hands. But you think to yourself, “I don’t know the first thing about playing a fighting game”. So youContinue reading “Oki Poke-y: Shotos”

FIST-ory: The Young Man and the FGC – Part 1

He was a young man who played alone in his living room on the Cuyahoga and he had gone two hundred eighty-four days now without taking a dub. In the first one hundred fourty days his girl had been with him. But after one hundred fourty days his girl had grown weary and bored sayingContinue reading “FIST-ory: The Young Man and the FGC – Part 1”

Oki Poke-y: Speaking The Language Of Fighters

There are a bevy of reasons, or excuses as I like to call them, that I’ve heard people use to defend why they “just can’t get into fighting games”. Among these, many are entirely perception, or “feel” based and not very strong arguments. One that I’ve heard frequently and completely understand is learning the sheerContinue reading “Oki Poke-y: Speaking The Language Of Fighters”