Oki Poke-y: Zoners

Lame, unfair, cowardly, no skill, boring, unfun, corny, braindead, cheating, doesn’t belong in fighting games, dishonorable, fight like a man, spam. These are among the plethora of excuses you’ll hear scrubs make when they lose to the elegant, classy, sophisticated, kingly, gentlemanly archetype known as the Zoner. The zoner has no time for foolish gamesContinue reading “Oki Poke-y: Zoners”

Oki Poke-y: What Is Frame Data? Part 2

Link to Part 1 – (https://wordpress.com/post/crushcountergaming.com/77) Hit Stun/Hit Advantage When an attack connects, the player that was on the receiving end of the strike will be unable to execute any inputs for a specific amount of frames. This is called hit stun. The number of frames of hit stun the “strikee” will suffer is determinedContinue reading “Oki Poke-y: What Is Frame Data? Part 2”

Oki Poke-y: What is Frame Data? Part 1

POV: The brand new (insert fighting game here) just released and you copped that bad boy day 1! You heard they got rollback netcode, all your favorite fighters are there, the training mode and tutorials are the bees knees, etc. “Training mode?” you say! “Tutorials? I don’t need no stinking tutorials! I’ve been playing (insertContinue reading “Oki Poke-y: What is Frame Data? Part 1”